Sodi GT5R


An enhanced version of the GT4R, the new SODI GT5R features a fully enclosed fuel tank, providing further comfort and protection for the drivers legs.

In addition the GT5R is equipped with Sodi’s patented fully adjustable pedal system, allowing adjustment to suit individual drivers in ultra-quick time. The SODI GT5R features add up to create an exceptional kart.


  • Superb reliability
  • Excellent comfort and unique driving behaviour
  • Outstanding shock stability (THR integral polyethylene protection, impact and abrasion resistant)
  • Unrivalled energy absorption (HEAD System)
  • New Sodi hydraulic brake with ventilated disk
  • Integral floor covering the fuel tank and providing perfect protection for the driver’s legs
  • Setting devices to adapt to pilot (length of legs and foot size) and optional adjustable bucket seat accommodates drivers from 1.40 to over 1.90 in height
  • Modern design