Sodi GT2


Over the years, The SODI GT2 has become "The most popular leisure kart model in the World"

Resulting from the SODIKART advanced technological knowledge, the SODI GT2 was designed to suit both indoor and outdoor rental tracks. It is the most versatile kart in its range and benefits from an exceptional value for money positioning.

The SODI GT2 features also low operating costs, ease of use and maintenance, combined with a modern aesthetics without lowering SODIKART safety standards. Also the SODI GT2 embrace technical solutions based on feedback gathered from a large variety of operating conditions all over the world.

  • High reliability
  • Excellent driving agility/performance
  • Outstanding shock absorption


  • Superb reliability.
  • Excellent driving behaviour.
  • Outstanding shock stability (THR integral polyethylene protection, impact and abrasion resistant).


  • Roll bar and Safety belt
  • Remote control for stopping karts or limiting speed from a distance
  • Anti gas brake
  • Padded bucket seats (completely or laterally in XL and XXL sizes)
  • Adjustable bucket seat
  • Stop light
  • Side pod extensions
  • Sticker kits
  • "Ice Use" version


  • PSS double longitudinal chrome-molybdenum steel frame tubes, frame equipped with three bearings.
  • Stainless steel polished riveted floor.
  • Strengthened machined aluminium rims.
  • Machined wheel hubs.
  • 20mm diameter stub axles machined from high strength chromium-molybdenum steel.
  • Flexible nylon steering tie rods.
  • High-strength aluminium steering column beam machined from a single piece.
  • Three spoke steering wheel in high elastic limit steel.
  • Ergonomic polyethylene reinforced bucket seat (sizes XL and XXL).
  • Two foot size pedals.
  • Sodi hydraulic brake with automatic adjustment of brake pads and ventilated disk
  • Eleven litre Sodikart tank (even thickness, Integrated hoses and gasoline return routing).
  • Vacuum fuel pump.
  • Engine mount integrated to the frame to lower the centre of gravity.
  • Rear sprocket in composite material manufactured in two parts for quick assembly.
  • RG "long life" belt (High resistance chain transmission with O-rings + tensioner for the Honda 390cc version).
  • Rear axle equipped with three bearings.
  • Shock and abrasion resistant protection (polyethylene THR) and bodywork
  • Rear axle and engine cover designed for optimum protection against rotating and hot parts regardless of the position of the bucket seat.
  • Protection designed to accept a front blade
  • Fully customisable bodywork (upon request).


  • Honda GX200 cc (equipped with hydraulic clutch and restrictor)
  • Honda GX270 cc (equipped with hydraulic clutch and restrictor)
  • Honda GX390 cc (equipped with Sodikart dry clutch and a Sodikart clutch bell housing)

The SODI GT2 is designed to meet rental karting requirements, allowing an optimised lifetime under severe and intensive operating conditions.

The material components used for manufacturing the SODI GT2 are specifically selected by the Research and Development Department after having been tested in laboratory and on tracks. A quality process has been deployed and is taking place during the complete manufacturing and assembly process.

All SODI GT2 Karts are delivered completely assembled.

SODI Karts conform to the European directive « Machines » 2006/42 and meet the
requirements of the following reference documents:
The NFS52-002 standard.
"Technical and safety Karting rules. FFSA".
"Recommendations from the CIK-FIA for Karting Leisure".