Sodi RX250


The worldwide launch of the Sodi RX 250 brings an exciting new dimension to go-karting and paves the way for the most demanding amateur drivers to experience genuine sport dynamics in full safety with no constraints.

The RX 250 is designed to allow as many people as possible to experience even more thrills. A great deal of input by track managers and organisers of the most prestigious race events has resulted in this outstanding leisure kart.

The RX 250 is the product of extensive chassis research and this coupled with the Sodikart brake and powered by the ultra-modern Sodi 250cc 4-stroke injection engine makes it surprisingly easy to handle and a joy to drive. Born from a combination of innovative design and Sodikart passion, the RX 250 is unique and has already won acclaim from drivers of all levels.

The Sodi RX 250, with its outstanding design, extremely low running costs, unique performance and enhanced driving enjoyment, heralds the arrival of the first modern sporting leisure kart, open to everybody.

The RX250 is the official kart for the SWS world final.


Features of the SODI RX 250:

  • Unique technology / matchless reliability / outstanding performance / maximum safety
  • Extraordinary versatility of a kart designed to be equally at home in prestige hire and sports rental
  • Sodikart's new exclusive development, the “RX Concept”, unique in the world
  • 250cc 4-stroke petrol injection engine with built-in water pump and self-contained electrics
  • Quick power change (11, 15, 22 or 28 HP)
  • PSS chrome-molybdenum steel bed, the latest development from Sodikart research opening new horizons in performance and agility
  • Transmission with torque smoother
  • Substantially reduced consequences of impact thanks to patented built-in protection
  • Ideal driving position for all drivers, incorporating advanced ergonomics and smart adjustments such as pedal height and travel and a bucket seat with positions to suit drivers from 1.40m (4'6") to over 1.90m (6'3") tall.
  • Compensation for different driver weights by means of a fast-change counterweight system
  • Innovative design (Sodi Concept Design), offering a generous surface area for custom markings
  • Adjustable seat (sizes XL and XXL)
  • Weights box
  • This is the SWS reference kart! (

Optional Extras:

  • Brake light
  • Padded bucket seat (totally or laterally in ML and XXL)
  • Sticker kit red, green, yellow, orange, blue
  • Hour meter


SODI RX 250 engine

  • 250cc, 4-stroke petrol injection engine with electric starter
  • Liquid cooling
  • Reduced consumption
  • Built-in water pump
  • Electrically self-contained battery
  • Power regulation from 11 bhp to 28 bhp
  • Low fuel consumption and noise level
  • Reduced consumption
  • Low noise emission
  • Electronic injection
  • Electronic governer for longer life
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Weight : 15kg*
    *With starter – Without accessories

SODI RX 250: A different point of view of karting.

The SODI RX 250 is designed to fulfil the requirements of a kart intended for leisure and sport, providing optimised service under conditions of severe, intensive use. All materials used in the SODI RX 250 kart are selected by our development section and undergo tough laboratory and track testing before being used in the manufacturing process under the watchful eyes of our quality assurance team.

SODI RX 250 karts are delivered fully assembled.

SODI RX250 karts comply with European Directive 98/37 and meet the requirements of the following reference documents:

  • French standard NFS52-002
  • “FFSA technical and safety rules for karting”
  • “CIK-FIA leisure karting recommendations”