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Sodi Rental Karts are the undisputed leaders of the rental kart world, in every respect. There are many brands on offer but there is simply no substitute for Sodi's 20 plus years of experience in designing and building rental karts. More than 1300 customers in 85 countries including Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi can’t be wrong.

Sodi produce every type of rental kart to suit your needs, including, Junior, Senior Two Seater, petrol and electric models.

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Sodi 2 Drive

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SodiKart Australasia is the Australian-based distributor for the world's leading rental kart manufacturer, Sodi Kart. At SodiKart Australasia we are dedicated to servicing the rental kart industry in Australia and New Zealand. SodiKart Australasia is headed by former General Manager of Drew Price Engineering and industry specialist, George Turton.