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Sodi GT4R


The GT4R is the 2015 evolution of the world most sold leisure go kart GT4 which was the first kart on the market to feature a front energy absorption device " HEAD System"

Concepted to suit on all type of tracks (indoor et outdoor), the GT4R keeps the features which have made the sucess story of the GT4 and offers a brand new design integrating modern and trendy curves.

The new bodywork mounting system - "KLIPS" - enhance its very low operating costs and ease the maintenance on every sides of the kart. The new floor plate includes a new black stickers kit which upgrade the standards of the karts. Front components remains easy accessible for maintenance.

Due to its light weight and racing appeal, the GT4R is very much appreciated by drivers who like racing sensations and track operators who want a safe, reliable and simple product to start their business operation.

The new GT4R offers exceptional value for money.