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Sodi RT8 Evo2


The RT8 model is the first go kart of the leisure industry featuring an integral bodywork which gives the customer brand new sensations and an incredible feeling of car racing and safety on board.

The ultra-modern and exceptional design has been associated to all the best and latest SODIKART technologies in order to make the RT8 an unrivaled product on the market. 38 years of experience from the R&D department have been concentrated in this product to make it efficient on fast outdoor tracks and easy to drive on narrow indoor tracks.

The kart is equipped with the latest safety features to achieve a level of safety never seen before. The bodywork can be removed within second to ease the maintenance of the kart.

A high number of options are available for track operators who want to adapt this model to their track’s needs. On top of being the new benchmark for the leisure go kart industry, this model is the most chosen one worldwide by track operators who decide to go for the best!