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Sodi RSX


Equipped with an asynchronous brushless motor and last-generation lithium batteries, the Sodi RSX has more power, more autonomy and a higher number of charge cycles than its predecessor.

The state-of-the-at electric technology not only provides exciting performance with stunning bursts of speed but also benefits from software features like boost function, live WIFI positioning systems and and Game of Karts, Sodi’s own interactive on-track video game.

Thanks to Sodi’s patented adjustable pedals, the “Easy fit” adjustable seat and a new steering wheel adjustment system, the driving position is 100% adjustable to fit the driver’s morphology. When it comes to comfort and adjustability, these features are massive leap forward compared to our competitors.

Its racing and modern design combined with the new carbon F1 steering wheel will impress both the novice & the motorsports fan.

The Sodi RSX is, without a doubt, the most powerful, reliable, ergonomic and successful electric go kart on the market.